Our partners are experienced in serving in a broad range of businesses such as manufacturing, services, trading and distribution, resorts, hotels and restaurants, and non-profit seeking organizations.

We are experienced in serving in a broad range of businesses including private companies, public companies (listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange) and non- profit seeking organizations.


Prof. Dr. Handoko Karjantoro, Ak., M.Sc., CPA.

Lead Partner

He worked as a partner in several reputable public accounting firms in Jakarta and served as a government auditor at Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan Pembangunan (BPKP) of the Ministry of Finance. He also served as controller in several multi-national companies and specialize in audit and finance advisory.


Dr. Haryo Suparmun, SE., Ak., MM., MBA., CPA., BKP., CA., ACPA., CACP., CertDA.

Senior Partner

He graduated from Universitas Indonesia. He joined a reputable public accounting firm in Jakarta, as senior auditor. His experiences include taxation, management consulting and coaching at various businesses. He is also a lecturer of Trisakti School of Management. He specializes in audit, accounting and tax.


Hartono, SE., Ak. CA., CPA., BKP.


He is tax consultant and auditor. He has years of experience in auditing and taxation. He graduated from Universitas Trisakti and started his career by working at Arthur Andersen CPA firm, then continued to Ersnt & Young CPA firm.


Venny Alaydrus Suparmun, SE., Ak., CPA., CA.

She is an auditor. Joined in since 2010. She graduated from Tarumanagara University.


Abu Bakrien, SE., CPA.

He is an auditor. Joined in since 2010. He graduated from Esa Unggul University.


Our People

Our office comprises experienced partners and supported by professional staff and state of the art facilities.

We train our professional staff to ensure their continuous growth and development in their respective areas of expertise.

We believe that the most important aspect of any professional organization is its people. Our policy is to recruit people that are the best performers in universities and colleges.

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