Tax consulting and assurance work form a major part of the services provided by the firm. Our audit approach aims to ensure the conduct of a prompt, efficient and effective audit. This is achieved by using procedures and documentations that are systematic, formal and flexible, permitting the approach to be tailored to suit the specific conditions of each client.


In addition, we will provide management letters as an added value service that contains constructive recommendation to improve accounting systems, controls and other operational aspects of the business.

Assurance services provided by our office include:


Attestation Services

  • Financial statements audit
  • Financial statements compilation
  • Due diligence and audit investigation
  • Financial statements review
  • Financial statements translation from basic currency to other currencies


Business Advisory

  • Management consulting
  • Coaching
  • Accounting systems review
  • Accounting systems development
  • Pre-IPO Preparation
  • Reporting on the Application of Prudential Principles (KPPK) – Bank of Indonesia.
  • Implementation of new Accounting Standards.



  • Tax Consulting & Tax Management
  • Tax Review & Compliance
  • Support during tax audits (including tax objection)
  • Tax Litigation (tax court)
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Tax implication on Merger & Acquisition and Corporate Restructuring

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